For up to date information about
fishing conditions call 1-800-ASK-FISH.

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Arkansas Game Fish
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Arkansas Sportfishing Records
Rules for Establishing Arkansas Sportfishing Records
North American Record Catfish in Arkansas
Free Fishing*

On the first weekend in June (National Fishing Week)  from noon, Friday until midnight Sunday, non-residents and residents will be able to fish without a fishing license and/or trout permit. For more information call (501) 223-6000.

Free Instruction*

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will conduct workshops and demonstrations on different fishing areas of interest. For more information please call (501) 223-6000.

Catch and Release Techniques*
  • Use barbless hooks
  • Land the fish quickly
  • Keep fish in the water as long as possible when unhooking it
  • Don't stick objects in fish's gill or squeeze the fish
  • Before touching the fish, wet hands
  • If the fish swallowed the hook, cut the line
Spearfishing Season*

The season is open from June 15 until March 15, sunrise to sunset. For more information and regulations about spearfishing, consult the Arkansas Fishing Regulations for 2000.

* For more information check out the Arkansas Fishing: Complete Guide to Locations, Vacations and Resources or call 1-800-NATURAL.
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