Lake Greeson
Lake Greeson is near a small town called Kirby located on hwy 70 about 40 miles SW of Hot Springs. (not too far from the Crater of Diamonds) Lake Greeson covers 7,000 acres and is a fishermens delight. It has 418 campsites, boat ramps,and hiking trails.
Crater of Diamonds State Park
Since its humble beginnings back in 1906, over 70,000 diamonds have been found at the Crater of Diamonds State Park. It is the world's only publicly-operated\ diamond site. The park is located southeast of Murfreesboro.
Ka-Do-Ha Indian Village
Located in Murfreesboro, this ancient Indian settlement is a huge archeological dig. Also on site is a gift shop, Arkansas Horse Park and Peruvian Pesos Horse Stable.
On the Water
Fisherman can expect to find largemouth bass, panfish and striped fish. One can fish for rainbow trout below Lake Greeson. You can also expect to find Arkansas' best in smallmouth bass fishing both above and below the Lake Greeson dam. Lake Greeson also offers hiking, boating, swimming, skiing, scuba diving...
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